I don't take 'em.

No, really. Not now, and probably not ever.

Dammit, Jim, I'm an author, not a book blogger. I have no intention of ever being a book blogger. If nominated, I will not run; if elected, I will not serve.  And so on.

I've only started this thing because I read a lot.  (Hint to wannabe authors: Read.  A lot.)  And my Nook, Kindle, and iPhone are clogged with books -- particularly books by my fellow indie authors -- that I've already read and fully intend to review someday.  (Hint to readers: If you've read, and liked, a book by an indie author, the nicest thing you can do for that author is go back to wherever you bought it and post a review.  Not only will you be helping the author gain visibility, but you'll be helping your fellow readers sift through all the books out there.)

Anyway, the idea is that if I commit to posting one review a week, pretty soon I'll whittle down the pile of reviews-to-be-written.  At that point, I might consider taking review requests.  But in the meantime, I'll still be reading, which means the pile will still be growing.  So...probably not.  Sorry.