Thursday, March 14, 2013

Blackbirch Woods - Meredith Anne DeVoe

Another genre I typically don't read is contemporary Christian (for somewhat obvious reasons).  But I picked up this one at the behest of the author, and I did find myself enjoying the story.

The main characters are Violet Aubrey, a young woman who lives in the present day, and Willis Wood, a man whose life began more than two hundred years before.  There's something spooky in the Blackbirch Woods, and it managed to trap Willis two centuries ago.  He can never die, but must only manifest during the hours of darkness.

Violet's family likes to camp in the Blackbirch Woods. The year that Violet is seven, she wanders away from her family's campsite in the dark; Willis finds her and takes her back.  They meet again several times over the course of her teenaged years, and he falls hard for her.  Then she goes off to college.  But instead of getting on with her life and forgetting Willis, she finds herself drawn back to the woods.  She knows now that she loves him.  The question is whether her love will be strong enough to bring him out of the darkness, once and for all.

The Christian theme wasn't too heavy-handed.  In my Smashwords review, I wrote, "The author has done a fine job at making the characters believable, and the creepy things are suitably creepy."  If you don't mind books with some God talk in them, give Blackbirch Woods a try.

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