Thursday, July 9, 2015

Henry Wood Detective Agency - Brian D. Meeks

It's New Year's Day 1955, and Henry Wood is suffering the effects of a big New Year's Eve. Then a dame walks into his detective agency and asks him to find her father and her father's journal. Then another dame wants to hire him to find the same journal. It's about at this point that everything goes pear-shaped.

This is a pretty standard noir mystery, with a twist -- Henry's hobby is woodworking, and he has a special closet in his place where items from the future turn up from time to time. That's not the only time-travel aspect in the book, but to say any more would give the story away.

The writing could use a polish. And there's an odd glitch in the formatting of my Kindle copy -- each new chapter begins almost at the bottom of the page, as if the author or formatter put in a whole bunch of extra returns before the chapter title. But if you like mysteries, it might be worth your time to give Henry Wood Detective Agency a whirl.

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