Thursday, July 31, 2014

Blind Sight (The Celadon Circle #1) - Nicole Storey

How about a demon or two for your Lammas celebration?

Seventeen-year-old Jordan is a seeker -- one of a handful of humans tasked by angels to root out and kill evil creatures. It's a family business; she works with her older brothers, who are fraternal twins, and their uncle -- the kids' parents are dead.

We're introduced to Jordan's special powers as soon as the book opens. She's in the grip of a horrific vision about a monster that is terrorizing a small town in Tennessee. Soon, she and her family have moved into a camping cabin in the town, where they are set to go to work.

But all is not Good vs. Evil in this book. The monster is a bad guy -- that's for certain. But the angels have their own agenda. And as Jordan discovers, even seekers may not be completely free of the taint of demons.

Jordan is a complex character, and Blind Sight is a fine beginning to her story. It will be interesting to see where Storey takes her characters next.

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