Thursday, October 23, 2014

Queen's Gold - Melissa Bowersock

It seems only fair, this close to El Día de los Muertos, to travel to Mexico for this week's Rursday Read.
Hal Thompson is nobody's fool. So when his daughter gets involved with someone who performs past-life regression therapy, he is understandably skeptical -- even after the details of his son's regression check out.

Reluctantly, he agrees to undergo a regression himself. And he's even more skeptical when his session reveals that in a past life, he was involved with hiding a fortune in Aztec gold from the conquistadores.

Unfortunately for Hal and his family, there's at least one group of people searching for that cache of artifacts, and some of them appear to be up to no good. It looks like Hal is the only person who can unravel the mystery behind the gold's disappearance, and protect his family in the process.

Bowersock is a wonderful author. Her characters are believable, and the plot kept me turning the pages of this book into the wee hours. I've enjoyed several of her novels, and am happy to add Queen's Gold to that list.

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